Note to Mike Rosen: ‘Thugs’ are in corporations, not unions

By James Hansen
Mike Rosen, radio station KOA’s talk show blabbermouth, is at it again, characterizing union members as “thugs” in a recent column on the ongoing health care debate.

In his Denver Post column, Rosen attempted to compare various elements of the left to the rightwing nuts, many of whom have been photographed carrying guns while demonstrating at locations where President Obama has been speaking.
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Denver Post plays same old tune

By James Hansen
Here in Colorado, veteran labor observers can’t remember when the Denver Post ever supported a worker’s issue, either national or in the state.
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  1. Dale Varney says:

    This looks like you have a lot of great idea and I would like to share them in Idaho.

    My nave is Dale Varney and I am an organizer for our Teamster Local 483. I have been a member of Local 483 since 2006.

    Over the last year and half I have been using Facebook to identify leaders in my community and organizing them. I have tried many approaches, mass text, blog, Facebook, twitter, and web page. I put together all of these to see what the members responded to best, and found through an analytics program that Facebook was the one the most responded to.

    Over the last year, 2012, teachers were under attack and I was contacted by a group who wanted to form a Labor Coalition. We met and stared organizing events in our community, that would get local media attention.

    I am proud to say that in a year and half we have created quite a stir in our community.

    At the beginning of this year we met with the newly appointed member of the Idaho State E-board and his duties were to resurrect the long forgotten CLC in our Magic Valley. At the first meeting we discussed our organizing approach, and it was my suggestion to utilize all social media we could. It’s inexpensive and effective. I suggested having a blog such as this. Which brings me to my point.

    Would you be willing to help us get going in the right direction in putting together a successful blog.

    In Solidarity,
    Dale Varney

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