James Hansen

Jim Hansen is a labor journalist based in Denver where he edits a union newspaper covering seven western states.

He has written extensively on labor issues.  For more than 10 years, he wrote a weekly/bi-weekly labor column for the late, lamented Rocky Mountain News and has had other op-ed pieces in many publications, including the Detroit News and the Denver Post.



  1. Steve Bieringer says:

    Jim, nice seeing you the other day and glad to see you are doing well. Not sure how to post a letter or respond to Vairma’s column so here is something:

    All of Steve Vairma’s suggestions are good ones to try and rein in the Democratic Party from the control of corporate America and the 1%. However, I would add one thing: don’t vote for what I call ‘business Democrats’. I started this last year and for the first time in 45 years of voting did not vote for certain offices. I skipped the Governor, U. S. Senate, and State Senate races here in Colorado. Hickenlooper, Bennett, and Romer did not get my vote. I would now add Mayor Hancock to that list. The argument that they are not as bad as the Republicans no longer holds any water. They are simply taking us down the same economic and social path only at a slightly slower pace. They make no effort to rein in the corportate theft of democracy from the American people. They take no position until corportations say “OK, you can do that little bit.” Witness Michael Benett and the Employee Free Choice Act. He claims to support the rights of workers to organize and will support changes to labor law when corporations agree to something! Yet anthing they agree to will be meaningless.

    The problem of the ‘liberal’ democratic party is that they now define liberal or progressive by social issues and pay no attention to the more historical focus on economic justice, fairness and democracy as the cornerstone of progressive thinking. This needs to change. The Occupy Wall Street movement has now put some badly needed focus on this issue. One would hope the Democrats would respond but based on the suppression of Occupy Denver by Hancock and Hickenlooper without any counterbalancing word from any Democratic official indicates that will not happen. They see it as a threat to their corporate contributors without whom they will not make a move. But as the focus on economic justice that OWS has created continues to grow efforts to end the corporate control of our democracy will sprout up. If they are in the Democratic party, fine. If they take other forms that is fine too, maybe even better.

    If you need an outlet that the Democrats no longer provide, as I do, then join me and thousands of others every Saturday at noon for the Occupy Denver rally and march.

    Steve Bieringer

  2. Solon says:

    Democrats personify a Judas that has enabled the Corporate-Government Partnership exploiting the working class to breed and thrive in conjunction with the tax avoidance syndicate. Learn how to combat the betrayal at Solonsays.com.

  3. Many men speak to failure for their insufficient persistence in creating new promises to substitute for those that fail.
    The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and much better compared to the heavy hand of government.

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